97x WoxyFm Nostalgia – it’s time

whats time?

May 9th 2004. 7-8am-ish. Remember then?!? I believe I was crushing cicadas with bats while graduating from HS.

97.7FM was airing the A-X final week of broadcast and mixing the best of the best music from the early 80s to 2004.

I would later on find a torrent online of hours of the final week of broadcast and burned about 12 disc. Definitely some of the best indie radio.

Cool Digs!!!  check it out!!

vintage Mike

Guided by Voices – My Valuable Hunting Knife -radio version

                         performing Sunday July 15th 2012 at Bunbury Music Festival, Cincinnati

Soundgarden – My Wave

Station ID: “Saving the world…”

Northside Tavern Ad by Barb

Local Ad – “Hi this is Frank from Rock n Roll Grocer”

more vintage mike

Her Space Holiday – My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Primus – My Name is Mud

Station ID

90s- 2000s station ID


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