Horseshoe Casino Rolls Dice

For better or worse, it’s here. Monday March 4th, 2013 @ 8:30pm, the doors open. I’d say it’s good to have another reason to draw people into the city, only, it’s not really the city. The exit for i71 is right around the corner. I imagine the majority of visitors wouldn’t walk outside the casino campus. On the plus side, it’s another attraction on the (future!) Wasson Rd. light rail line. Google map image for reference in the trunk.

DSC_1161_3_2 DSC_1163_2 DSC_1165_3_2 DSC_1166_3_2 DSC_1168_3 DSC_1170_3_2 DSC_1171_3_2 DSC_1174_3_2 DSC_1175_3_2 DSC_1180_3_2 DSC_1182_3_2

Looking at the the Wasson Rd. trail. Likely to (temporarily) become bike trails. As I see it, the most-likely-to-succeed light rail line. Providing rail transit to Downtown through Pendleton(OTR), Mt. Auburn, Walnut Hills, Xavier University, Evanston, Norwood, Hyde Park, Oakley, Mariemont and Milford. Dreams.


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