The Big Empty (lot) Downtown

A few years ago while working at the Hyatt on 5th I pointed out to my coworker that the empty lot at Race and 5th would become something within 5 years. Sure enough, Dunnhumby U.S.A. announced plans to construct a new H.Q.

The lot south of Central ave. between Walnut and Main is a big one. My guess is it’ll be an office tower within 10 years. I’m gonna guess it will be over 30 stories. I bet that because of the reduction of height for the Dunnhumby tower, (originally expected to be 30+), and, it will do well next to the Kroger building (old faithful). Court street will retain it’s 19th century market sense and benefit from the increase pedestrian traffic.

What do you think?

(I’m aware I should have grabbed more than one angle…)

DSC_1131_3 macys whole_2 wholelot withcars

4 thoughts on “The Big Empty (lot) Downtown

  1. I don’t think you’ll see a 30+ story tower built at that site, but I do think you might see one built that tall at 8th/Sycamore. The two lots here, I suspect, will become midrise (6-10 stories) residential buildings with street-level retail space.

  2. I agree with RS, residential.

    Longshot but would make sense? Hotel. On the streetcar line, close to Vine, close to casino, close to Kroger, Macys.

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