buttery music of 2012

30 songs

1.Four Tet  pinnacles

2.Air  moon fever

3.Fergus and Geronimo  earthling men

4.The Men  turn it around

5.Micachu and the Shapes  heaven

6.Deep Time  clouds

7.Thee Satisfaction  existinct

8.Metz  headache

9.Peaking Lights  live love

10.Jon Spencer   black mold

11.John Maus  rock the bone

12.Sweet Valley  bros beyond

13.Ceremony  repeating the circle

14.Metz  headache

15.Daphni  ahora

16.Lower Dens  brains

17.Ty Segall Band  slaughterhouse

18.Grimes  oblivion

19.Santigold  disparate youth

20.Frank Ocean   i’ve been thinking

21.Purity Ring  loftrocries

22.Melody’s Echo chamber  i will follow

23.Bonobo   eyes down (floating point remix)

24.Holy Other  love some

25.Cornershop  non stop radio

26.Jai Paul  jasmine

27.School of Seven Bells  scavenger

28.Kid Koala  7 bit blues

29.Taco Leg  shut it down

30. Seams   carnival



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