1 of many evening bike rides: may 2013

The time of year

..when a post rush-hour bike-venture around the city is always a good idea.

My knee is still chillin’ following running the half-pig. But the good news – so far nothing else, (biking or skateboarding) has caused any discomfort.

..in other words…”it’s on”.

Started off with making my way to the top of

Vine St.

, next to CVS in Corryville. Enjoyed another free fall down Vine. Then took a right to get to Washington Park.

Came to the corner of 14th and Elm and discovered the new paint jobber on the building at the NW corner of the park. I believe it’s turning into a retirement home. I would definitely walk my dog everyday if I lived there.


…and a photo I took of it back in March, DSC_1195

here’s the google map location identifyer, (north is to the right),


Washington Park

is a pretty alright spot.


the tree



Continued south from there to the river, then headed east. I read part of rehabilitating “runner’s knee” is building muscle around the knee. Walking up staircases is a good way to do so because of it’s low-impact on the knee.

Picked up the bike and treked up.


South Shore Condo’s finishing construction.

This copyright 2010 website still has the original plannned 2nd tower:


Then, facing west,


Blue house. New Windows. Painted.


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