43 photos of South Fairmount

Located just west of the Queensgate rail-yard, South Fairmount is a unique 19th century urban neighborhood of Cincinnati. Unfortunately many of the buildings remain abandoned and little sign of revitalization is evident. From biking through I can say the biggest issue is car pollution. The two main corridors, Queen City Ave. and Westwood Ave. are two one-way urban expressways littered with heavy traffic. It’s in need of a local restaurant as a symbol of community pride. (see Eli’s BBQ) Nonetheless ,a pleasant neighborhood outside of  rush hour.



DSC_1203_3 DSC_1199_3 DSC_1191_3 DSC_1131_3 DSC_1135_3 DSC_1137_3 DSC_1138_3 DSC_1140_3 DSC_1142_3 DSC_1143_3 DSC_1144_3 DSC_1145_3 DSC_1146_3 DSC_1147_3 DSC_1149_3 DSC_1150_3 DSC_1152_3 DSC_1153_3 DSC_1155_3 DSC_1156_3 DSC_1160_3 DSC_1161_3 DSC_1162_3 DSC_1164_3 DSC_1165_3 DSC_1168_3 DSC_1171_3 DSC_1173_3 DSC_1175_3 DSC_1177_3 DSC_1178_3 DSC_1179_3 DSC_1180_3 DSC_1189_3 DSC_1192_3 DSC_1195_3 DSC_1196_3 DSC_1186_3 DSC_1198_3 DSC_1182_3 DSC_1181_3 DSC_1185_3 DSC_1187_3

2 thoughts on “43 photos of South Fairmount

  1. The one with the three story on the right and the two story with the turret and the car nosing its way in in the corner is just great. Really captures Cincinnati’s urban decay. Makes me ache for the times that used to be and could be. What wonderful architecture…and photos!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Personally I think the 3-story to the left of the red building, (2nd to last picture) is the breadwinner of the neighborhood. That, or the Spring Garden cheese wedge building. Norwood lost their iconic Flat-Iron (Arnold building), so I hope Fairmount holds on to this.

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