Impulse Solar Aircraft lands @ Lunken

Rode my bike from Uptown Cincinnati to catch a glimpse of the all-solar aircraft.

The event serves us a reminder of the coming future. A life without oil. It’s a touchy subject for weak minds. People who can’t accept that earth’s oil can is running low. I’m not preaching the greenhouse emission angle. It’s more about a disappearing middle class with 4$/gallon and a refusal for alternative energy/modes of transportation.

I thought I’d be one of very few to come see the plane, but was pleasantly surprised by the crowd. Maybe people do support alternative energy sources. Or maybe they just wanted to see the engineering marvel…













1 of many evening bike rides: may 2013

The time of year

..when a post rush-hour bike-venture around the city is always a good idea.

My knee is still chillin’ following running the half-pig. But the good news – so far nothing else, (biking or skateboarding) has caused any discomfort. other words…”it’s on”.

Started off with making my way to the top of

Vine St.

, next to CVS in Corryville. Enjoyed another free fall down Vine. Then took a right to get to Washington Park.

Came to the corner of 14th and Elm and discovered the new paint jobber on the building at the NW corner of the park. I believe it’s turning into a retirement home. I would definitely walk my dog everyday if I lived there.


…and a photo I took of it back in March, DSC_1195

here’s the google map location identifyer, (north is to the right),


Washington Park

is a pretty alright spot.


the tree



Continued south from there to the river, then headed east. I read part of rehabilitating “runner’s knee” is building muscle around the knee. Walking up staircases is a good way to do so because of it’s low-impact on the knee.

Picked up the bike and treked up.


South Shore Condo’s finishing construction.

This copyright 2010 website still has the original plannned 2nd tower:


Then, facing west,


Blue house. New Windows. Painted.


A New Uptown

There have been discussions around the web about the changes of Uptown Cincinnati. Clifton Heights and Corryville in particular have seen the construction of what’s been referred to as “transformative projects”.

Yesterday I obtained some home recordings of (wiki)  97x recordings from May of 2004, Cincinnati’s independent FM radio station from 1983-2004, and online-only from 2004-2010. A trip down memory lane for sure. Remember Jem? Franz Ferdinand? The Streets? Anyway, I was compelled to take a bike ride and photograph anything that put a time-stamp on 2013.

I didn’t live in Uptown until 2011, but the early 2000s alt-rock hits got me thinking about life in Uptown back in 2004. The revitalization of downtown, or the process of such was still in its infancy and Uptown had more wrecking balls than ground breakings. The Cincinnati Monocle posted some photo’s of Uptown from 2003 here.

About two weeks ago I was walking around and started chatting with a landscaper who grew up in uptown. He asked me if that sandwich shop was still up on McMillan. There are so many now so I asked him to be more specific. Eventually he recalled it, Acropolis Chili. Demolished in 2004. Can you believe it? Someone in 2013 asked me if Acropolis Chile still existed.

Brings me to my next point, local businesses. There aren’t as many as I had hoped with the new construction. A hair salon here and there, Currito, Adriaticos Pizza, a few long-standing, but the majority of businesses in the new development have been national chains. There are still many, many storefronts to fill. It’ll be interesting to see what comes and goes in the future.

Have any stories to share? Please do!

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94th Annual Findlay Market Opening Day Parade!

Stairmaster – Mcmicken to Fairview

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Smale Riverfront Park Construction- March 2013

May St. Walnut Hills

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