First Day of Spring

The official first day of spring is March 20th, last Wednesday. But instead of flowers, outdoors, and ice cream trucks,  we had snow and ice followed by another week of cool temperatures. Yesterday (the 27th) was cold, only a high of 44. But around 6pm the clouds broke and gave us a great sunset. It was the light at the end of the tunnel of what will be remembered as a long winter.

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Hidden Hoods- North Camp Washington

Took a walk yesterday evening and was thinking, when we walk a dog we think it’s for the dog’s health, but it’s just as important for the person. Not just physically but mentally as well. It presents an opportunity to reflect on the day while appreciating a steady input of visual information.

Camp Washington is a thin vertical slab of 19th century industrial mixed-use structures through the i75 valley. Unlike OTR many of the structures have maintained residents because of their proximity to industrial businesses. The Queensgate rail yard occupies roughly half the valley. GMAP 


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Hyde Park Sq. and Wasson Corridor

featuring late-March clouds
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The Breeders and Tweens – Wed. Mar. 27th

The Breeders with Tweens: March 27th @ Southgate House Revival  (Sold out)

“Ages 18+ / Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson played their first show together on Friday June 19, 1992, in a snooker hall behind Warrington Rugby Club in the north of England, near Manchester. Two days later they supported Nirvana in Dublin and Belfast, and then played at Glastonbury. Back in the US, after playing 27 sold-out shows that fall, they made their way to San Francisco to record Last Splash.

Released August 30, 1993, on 4AD, reviewers described Last Splash as ”effervescent,” “blistering,” and “incoherent.” At its center is the infectiously appealing, instantly recognizable “Cannonball.” Propelled in part by the video directed by Kim Gordon and Spike Jonze, the song was voted Single of the Year by the NME. After more than two years on the road, they played their last show on September 5th, 1994, at Lollapalooza in Los Angeles.

In 2013 they will play together again for the first time.”
Tweens @ The Comet
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Tweens @ Motr

Housing Stock near Findlay Market

Just a taste. These are on Elm south of the market.



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Glencoe Photos

Glencoe was unique to Cincinnati. Late 19th century row houses set on a steep incline. In the ‘NatiWars universe it was the Millennium Falcon. Similar to what you might see in SF, only abandoned and now razed. Future plans of site still unknown.














43 photos of South Fairmount

Located just west of the Queensgate rail-yard, South Fairmount is a unique 19th century urban neighborhood of Cincinnati. Unfortunately many of the buildings remain abandoned and little sign of revitalization is evident. From biking through I can say the biggest issue is car pollution. The two main corridors, Queen City Ave. and Westwood Ave. are two one-way urban expressways littered with heavy traffic. It’s in need of a local restaurant as a symbol of community pride. (see Eli’s BBQ) Nonetheless ,a pleasant neighborhood outside of  rush hour.



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