Shonen Knife @ Taft Theater

Partied my 3rd Shonen Knife show at Taft Theater on a Monday night. Previously seen at Midpoint music fest @ CAC downstairs as part of 2010’s ‘Free Time’ tour,  and 2011 – Ramone’s tribute tour @ Mayday.

Middle age men age, Shonen Knife do not.

Help me complete the setlist!

tracks #11 and #14???


‘shin-shi-na-ti’ – Cincinnati welcome

2.’roketto’ – “riding on the rocket”

3.’ba na chi’ – “Banana Chips”

4.”Lazy” – “Lazybone”

5.”poppu” -“Pop Tune”

6.’Osaka’ – “Osaka Rock Day”

7.’saiku’ – “Psychedelic Life”

8.’sanshyain’ – “Sunshine”

9.’rababan’- “Rubber Band”

10.’BBQ’ – “BBQ Party”

11.’bataka’ – “?”

12.’debiru’ – “Devil House”

13.’baison’ – “Bear of Bison


15.’ba-bi-‘ “Twist Barbie”

16.’keizai’ – “Economic Crisis”

17.’kobura’ – “Cobra vs Mongoose”

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