a place to bury strangers @ Foutain.Sqr.

Hopped into the party taxi friday night and headed for Fountain Square.

Eli’s BBQ now has a tent.

Music – atmospheric, volatile, trippy, evil dance

Performance – **********    (10 stars)

Sound        –        WHAT?!??

Overall    –    I was lucky to have earplugs in my wallet but I knew I was one of very few who did. Many many people suffered some hearing damage and subsequent minor hearing loss and that will go down in the books as one of the loudest shows EVER at fountain square. Hearing loss isn’t cool and as much hype they gained, (the band/ft. sqr./cincinnati), they potentially lost double that amount… at least for the night. Free earplugs doesn’t really seem likely at a public park but was needed. Thrown guitars, Hendrix level moments of feedback, an overblown PA, a fashion show(?), and little kids screaming and running away. I know. It’s only rock n’ roll…

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