“The ugliest building I know of, and I have to look at this monstrosity nearly every day! This is the Crosley Tower on the Campus of the University of Cincinnati. Everyone I’ve asked agrees that this disgusting stain on the landscape should have never have been conceived. The nauseating brutalist building contrasts with the lush Burnett Woods across the street. A rumor on campus is that the architect forgot to put in bathrooms, which is why the mens and womens are under the stairwells and alternate by floor. The concrete seems to be crumbling, as little chunks seem to be missing. There are only eight windows per floor, and the hallways have no natural lighting. Soooooooo Ugly!!!!!!!!!!” – Dan Stiver

The largest single-cement-pour in North America.

Did Bishop once connect all the way to Calhoun? Why is there an unofficial gateway facing south from MLK?

Was this empty lot once a mixed development 3 or 4 story building?

4 thoughts on “biking:Clifton,Corryville,Mt.Auburn,Downtown

  1. Great photos. I used to feel the same way about Crosley Tower (and still kinda do) but a couple DAAP friends have convinced me that it’s almost art in its refusal to change…definitely makes a statement. Still ugly though…

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