Moer Lunch

10-14$ meals, excellent beer, windows, atmosphere, nice place. We saw a couple of councilmen walk by for lunch on our way out and my dad mentioned ‘there’s a couple of big guys’. They may make some big decisions, but I don’t think they see themselves as such. They’re there because the people and they work for the people, just make sure you’re professional in any address and they do care to listen.

I chose the 22oz Hefeweizen, and I chose wisely. I don’t often drink during the day, particularly mid-summer scorchers, so something less hoppy and with a little banana fit the bill.

Walked through fountain square on the way home. “More than 15,000 participants from more than 60 countries are expected, as well as tens of thousands of local, national and international spectators and media outlets over 11 days, July 4-14.It is the first time this international event will take place in the United States.” –

“Cincinnati USA – the Greater Cincinnati region that includes Northern Kentucky – is a vibrant travel and leisure destination on the scenic Ohio River. Known for its major league sports and world-class arts and culture, a New York Times travel writer in July 2009 described the region as having “an artsy swagger.” – (mhhaaa…yes….mmm)

Official World Choir Games website

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