Codename: Peacemaker

“My work is never done

and when I fight, don’t need a gun

well I’m so cool I can freeze the heart of the sun”


Moon buggies

Underneath 2nd st is the Cincinnati Transit Center. Interesting to note how the need for this is rapidly growing as construction moves forward at the banks.

“It is to initially provide a staging area for special event, charter, and school buses visiting downtown and riverfront destinations, with no Cincinnati or Kentucky city buses routed through during normal operations. In the future it is expected to serve as the downtown terminus for new east/west commuter rail lines and Cincinnati-Chicago Amtrak passenger trains, with a light rail line running above on 2nd St.” – 

Interesting to see how much of a role the reds play in the success of a light rail system. Location is everything.  Luckily there is much more than an MLB stadium. If fountain square is the symbolic center of Cincinnati, the banks is the symbolic center of the entire 2.14 million metro area.

The stone tiling is quite nice, and still under construction!

I think leaving the big grassy area up next to the river was a wise move. It cuts down on pollution and makes a nice scenic view.

The single house with perfectly angled windows to reflect the sun at dusk. Coincidence?

That’s affirmative, our job rules, at least for the 30 minutes it takes to pass through Cincinnati.

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