Friday Fun Day !

Guided by Voices release another track from upcoming album.

‘and would ya look at that’  (meme reference)

“Class Clown Spots a UFO arrives in June, and we might as well tell you the band is about to finish their third record since reuniting, because you’ll find out sooner or later. Bears for Lunch is due in late November. But for now, enjoy the best thing since the last thing and until the next thing after that.”

latest pics to browse…

love this tree

Still waiting for the park to open… June? July?

Caddy-corner to Mad Frog bar/venue. An office building is scheduled to be built in a later phase of the Calhoun/Mcmillan USquare construction. Important location as it welcomes travelers heading up Vine st. to Uptown.The hills make it a cool spot.

“Mansions” on Dayton St.

Steelers?! you’re in the jungle!

Found this guy in my back yard.

On central Ave. Once a canal, abandoned subway underneath.

Art Deco building bent around Central Ave splitting OTR and West End.

L’ Homme Dieu Alley downtown

Later this month…

Cincinnati vs. NY

New York Mets 16th – 17th

New York Yankees 18th-20th

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