where’s my walkable grocery option?

Having a grocery store within walking distance is a luxury. In my past few residencies I’ve typically lived a short car ride in distance to a store. In one exception I was about 1 mile away, or about a 5 min. bike ride. I had a basket on the front of my bike. Good for up to $35-ish in groceries.

IGA shut down business back in January 2011 and it’s still a ???. Chris Charlson reports..

I walked down the street to grab a cup of coffee and took a few pictures on the way. Funny thing, forgot my wallet and the dude told me to just come back and pay later. So I did. yay neighborhood! (Don’t forget your wallet.)

One thought on “where’s my walkable grocery option?

  1. Right now I would have to say that OTR and Northside are two of the most walkable neighborhoods. They both have grocery stores and are very walkable. I hope this reopens soon. When I lived up there I loved being able to walk to IGA to grab one or two things every other day. I now do that at the Vine Street Kroger in OTR.

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